Alyssa Onyx on the set of ‘Swinging at Shadows’..


Alyssa Onyx being interviewed for her appearance in the paranormal film (still in production), ‘Swinging at Shadows‘ directed by Will Scoville. In the film you will see Alyssa have her take on the paranormal, watch how she investigates and even hear about her involvement as a paranormal sensitive and vampire!

10302029_10203362849969493_6790011272873559876_n(From left to right): Robbie Prince of RIP Crew, director/actor Will Scoville, Alyssa Onyx and Chaplain Robert Hall on the set of ‘Swinging at Shadows‘.

10303300_457660191033601_2259429749123661844_nOn location for ‘Swinging at Shadows‘, Victoria’s Black Swan Inn in San Antonio, Texas.

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