Hauntings and happenings!

There is always a reason for a delay.. There is always a method to the madness.. And here it is!

Alyssa Onyx has been on hiatus the last year and a half working hard to get her brand and character polished up and ready for the public. Dark Doll Paranormal is VERY excited to announce that 2016 will be the year that Onyx reaches the top platform as Dark Doll! Is the public ready? Are you ready?

She will be sharing her extreme passion, dedication and, most importantly, her true connection with the paranormal world and afterlife for the always growing paranormal enthusiasts around the world that crave the spooky, scary, intriguing and REAL documentation and deliverance via a few avenues currently in the works.

This is all possible and in large part thanks to a few that have stepped up to take charge and become her backbone and fire for these future opportunities. For that Dark Doll Paranormal is extremely grateful. This is crucial time to gain and build relationships with those that will get her and her part in the paranormal industry out into the public as one of the only solo investigators and true paranormal sensitives in the field today. That, along with her very unique style, character and personality, of course. Please stay tuned as this website receives a complete revamp as well as a www.alyssaonyx.com launch!

Alyssa Onyx started professionally in this field in 2008 and while the journey to the top has been long, 2016 will make it all worth it. The dedication, acceptance and support from those in her circle is very much appreciated. So stay tuned via www.darkdollparanormal.com as everything will be updated and made public in due time!

Happy Hauntings!

Bookings/Questions/Swag and gifts information can all be sent to darkdollparanormal@gmail.com

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