About Alyssa Onyx

_MG_9001D ark Doll, the only real female vampyre doll in the paranormal game..
Hailing from her beloved and native Lone Star State, Alyssa Onyx has been fascinated, intrigued and naturally driven by any and all aspects of the paranormal since the age of 2. Now 27 she has combined her gift as a paranormal sensitive and her career as a professional makeup artist/stylist thus creating the brand and character, Dark Doll Paranormal.
Researching and investigating the paranormal was always an outlet for Onyx long before the television shows and movie crazes that has spawned countless ghost-hunting groups and heavy interest all over the world. “I started professionally 8 years ago but for the longest time I was under the radar. I knew I needed a different mindset, look and lifestyle before coming to surface and taking the field on.”
In a ghostly community full of teams and mostly male-dominant television show characters, Onyx stands alone as a solo female investigator completely undisturbed yet rather appreciative of and passionate for dark and highly active locations. “I handle and do everything from researching to traveling to documenting and finally the sharing via my website and social media. I have found over the years that it is easier for me to be by myself or at the very least one other person. My anxiety spikes and emotions kick in with too many of the “living” around and I find it difficult to hone in and do my thing.” 
Makeup artistry and style plays a heavy role in being Dark Doll. “My look is very over the top and a little on the different side in this community but it has always been a part of my life as it has always been my job. I love being a chameleon because there is always a method to my madness. Some people are just meant to step outside of the box.” Being a self-proclaimed vampyre also helps peak interest and keep Alyssa set apart from others in the game. “My being a paranormal sensitive and vampyre go hand in hand. There’s a story, a reason, a passion and a great deal of love behind it all. Folklore and Hollywood have created a completely fabricated, negative image and idea of what a living vampyre is.. so before judging do your homework! I love who I am and my community. It has gotten me to where I am today. Plus it sets me apart to make bigger waves than others in the game.”
2013-2015 brought cameos, appearances and conventions for Onyx but now she is currently gearing up for a bigger and better platforms and involvements. “After hardships, mistakes and misguided careers I am now on my undeniable dark little path. It’s time for a game-changer in this field and I will guide and nourish my character and plans to be just that. This character only gets stronger with time!”
General inquiries, questions and SWAG requests for use in film/media work can be sent to Alyssa Onyx personally at darkdollparanormal@gmail.com
If you are interested in using Alyssa Onyx as the face of your company or if you are interested in sending her swag or products that will be used in upcoming photos and video/film please inquire within at darkdollparanormal@gmail.com